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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

SC /ST/ OBC Reservation- Frequently asked Questions and their Answers

There is reservation in Recruitment and promotion  for  persons belonging to SC/ST/OBC category. The State Government has issued number of Government Resolutions and also the circulars for the guidance. Inspite of this there are number of doubts and questions  as regards implementation of Reservation Policy.  The State Government has not issued  "Frequently asked questions and Answers" in regard to implementation of  Reservaion Policy. However the D.O.P.T. Government of India has issued Office Memorandun enlisting  " Frequently asked questions and Answers " as regards Reservation Policy. mainly for the guidance of Central Government employees.  They will also be useful for the State Government employees. Therefore these " Frequently asked questions and Answers " as regards Reservation Policy are uploaded on this blog and are available at Serial Number 23 in the list under caption " Recent and Important". The state Government employees may study them along with G.Rs issued by the State Government while implementing policy of Reservation.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

महाराष्ट्र विकास सेवेतील गट "अ " व गट "ब " च्या अधिका-यांच्या संदर्भातील दक्षता रोध, शिक्षा , गोपनीय अहवाल वगैरे बाबत विभागीय आयुक्तांना शासनाचे अधिकार देण्याबाबत

महाराष्ट्र विकास सेवेतील गट "अ " व गट "ब " च्या अधिका-यांच्या संदर्भातील दक्षता रोध, शिक्षा , गोपनीय अहवाल वगैरे बाबत विभागीय आयुक्तांना शासनाचे अधिकार देण्या संदर्भात गरम विकास विभागाने ३० जून २०१४ रोजी शासन निर्णय निर्गमित केला आहे. सदर शासन निर्णय या ब्लॉगवर " Recent and Important"  या शीर्षकाखालील यादीत अनुक्रमांक २२ वर उपलब्ध आहे.

वर नमूद केलेल्या शासन निर्णयाप्रमाणे गट " ब" च्या अधिका-यांना किरकोळ शिक्षा देण्याचे अधिकार आयुक्तांना देण्यात आले आहेत.

महाराष्ट्र नागरी सेवा (शिस्त व अपील ) नियम १९७९ मधील तरतुदीनुसार जबर व किरकोळ शिक्षा देण्याचे अधिकार नियुक्ती अधिकारी यांना आहेत. तर किरकोळ शिक्षा देण्याचे अधिकार शिस्तभंगविषयक अधिका-यांना आहेत. विभाग प्रमुख, प्रादेशिक विभाग प्रमुख व कार्यालयीन  प्रमुख हेदेखील शिस्तभंग विषयक अधिकारी असतात. परंतु यांचे शिक्षा देण्यासंदर्भात नेमके काय अधिकार आहेत याबद्दल अनेक अधिका-यांच्या मनात शंका आहेत. या सर्व शंका दूर होण्याच्या दृष्टीने सर्व प्रशासकीय विभागांनी सविस्तर मार्गदर्शक सूचना काढणे अत्यंत जरुरीचे आहे. अशा आहे की शासनाचे सर्व प्रशासकीय विभाग याबाबत योग्य ती कार्यवाही जरूर करतील.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Guidelines for treatment of effect of penalties imposed- Role of Departmental Promotion Committee

The department of personnel and training has issued very important and detailed guidelines  as regards  the effect of penalties imosed against an employee on his/her promotion and also the role of Departmental Promotion Comittee, vide  office Meomorandum dated 24 th April 2014.

The above said O.M. has been made available on this blog at S.N.21   in the list Under caption " Recent and Important ".  The same can be got downloaded if necesary.

The guidelines in this O.M. will be useful not only for the guidance of the Central Government Deaprtments /employees but to State Government Departments / employees. 

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Civil Services Examination - Frequently aksed Questions & Answers

There are number of young  students who want to appear for Civil Services Examination and make their career in Public Service. They require information on various aspects related to the said examination. They have number of questions in their mind which need answer. 

The Department of Personnel & Training  considering the felt need  has prepared Frequently asked questions and their replies for the benefit of all those desirous of appearing for the said examination. These Frequently asked questions with their replies are available on this blog at S.No. 20 in the list under caption " Recent and Important ". Those interested get it downloaded.