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Life is a trip. The only problem is that it does not come with a map. We have to search our own routes to reach our destination.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

दिनांक १ जानेवारी २००६ नंतरच्या निवृत्तीवेतन धारकांना / कुटुंबनिवृत्तीवेतनधारकांना द्यावयाचे किमान निवृत्तीवेतन

दिनांक 1.1.2006 रोजी किंवा त्यानंतर सेवानिवृत्त झालेल्या / मृत पावलेल्या ज्या प्रकरणांत निवृत्तीवेतनधारकांचे / कुटुंब निवृत्तीवेतनधारकांचे निवृत्तीवेतन /कुटुंब निवृत्तीवेतन वेतन सहाव्या वेतन आयोगानुसार रु.१९१३/-पेक्षा कमी निश्चित होईल, अशा सर्व प्रकरणांत संबंधिताना रु.१९१३/- एवढे निवृत्तीवेतन /कुटुंब निवृत्तीवेतन अदा करण्याचा निर्णय शासनाने दिनांक १६ फेब्रुवारी २०१३ च्या शासन
निर्णयाद्वारे घेतला आहे..

केंद्र शासनाच्या कर्मचा-यांना मात्र रु. ३५०० एव्हढे किमान  निवृत्तीवेतन दिले जाते.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cut off date fixed by Govt. of Maharashtra for payment of Gratuiety held unconsttitutional by Supreme Court

The State Government had increased the ceiling limit of retirement gratuity and death cum gratuity from Rs. 3.5 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhs vide G.R. dated 5th May 2009 These limits were made applicable to  university and college teachers and others to whom the M.C.S.(pension) Rules are made applicable. In the light of the 6 th pay commission recommendations the said limit of Rs.5 lakhs was increased to Rs. 7 lakhs vide G.R. dated 21 st August 2009. However this was made effective from September 2009.

The association of retired university and college teachers   had challenged the said resolution dated 21 st August 2009 by filing a writ petition in  Aurangabad  Bench of Bombay High Court. The said petition was dismissed by the High court. The association had challenged the decision of High Court by filing a special leave petiotion in the Supreme Court. The said pettion was allowed by the Supreme Court setting aside the order of the High Court.

The supreme court declared the cut off date fixed by by the Govt . in their G.R. dated 21 st August 2009 as unconsttitutional and held that the employees governed by the G.R. dated 5 th May 2009 are also entitled to the benefit of enhnanced gratuity of Rs. 7 lakhs. The Supreme court further directed that the appelant and other similarly situated employees should be paied the differenece of Gratuity already paid and the enhanced gratuity payable in terms of G.R. dated 21 st August 2009.

This decision will benefit the State Government employees and other employees to whom .M.C.S.(pension) Rules 1982 are applicable and who are retired between 1-1-2006 and 1-9-2009.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

शासनाने जानेवारी २०१3 मध्ये निर्गमित केलेली महत्वाची परिपत्रके , शासन निर्णय व अधिसूचना

शासनाने जानेवारी २०१3 मध्ये निर्गमित केलेली खालील महत्वाची परिपत्रके , शासन निर्णय व अधिसूचना "Recently issued G.Rs. and Circulars " या शीर्षकाखाली या ब्लॉगवर उपलब्ध करून देण्यात आली आहेत .

१) म.ग्राऱो.ह.योजना, संयुक्त वन व्यवस्थापन समितीला यंत्रणा म्हणून मान्यता, नियोजन विभाग,मग्रारो 2012/प्र.क्र.63/रोहयो दि. 8-1-2013

2) 2013 मध्ये राष्ट्रीय / थोर पुरूषांचे जयंती कार्यक्रम करणेबाबत, सामान्य प्रशासन विभाग , परिपत्रक दि. 10-01-2013

3) 10 लालाखापेक्षा अधिक खर्चाच्या कामांना ई-निविदा कार्यप्रणाली लागू करण्याबाबत सामान्य प्रशासन विभाग परिपत्रक दि. 16-01-2013

4) सन 2012 च्या लोकसंख्येवर आधारित राज्यात आरोग्यसंस्था स्थापन करणेचा बॄहत आराखडा ,सार्वजनिक आरोग्य विभाग शासन निर्णय दि. 17-01-2013१२

5) सेवेची 30 वर्षें पूर्ण झाल्यावर शासन सेवेत राहण्याची पात्रापात्रता ठ्ररविणेबाबत , जलसंपदा विभाग परिपत्रक दि. 17-01-2013

6) नागपूर अधिवेशन कालात अधिकारी / कर्मचा-यांसाठी विशेष दैनिक भत्ता, वित्त विभाग शुध्दिपत्रक दि. 19-01-2013

7) कालबध्द पदोन्नती व आश्वासित प्रगति योजनेच्या लाभांसाठी पुर्वीची नियमित सेवा ग्राह्य धरणेबाबत वित्त विभाग शासन निर्णय दि. 19-01-2013

8) प्राथमिक, माध्यमिक, विशेष शिक्षक व आदिवासी विभागातील प्रथमिक शिक्षक यांना राज्य शिक्षक पुरस्कार 2012-2013 देणेबाबत , शालेय शिक्षण व क्रीडा विभाग शा.ऩि. 24-01-2013

Monday, February 04, 2013

Need to avoid the use of term “Harijan” in respect of Scheduled Castes ¡n official communications and transactions

No. 17020/64/2010-SCD (R.L.Cell)
Government of India
Social Justice and Empowerment
Department of Social Justice and Empowerment
Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi
New Delhi, dated: 22.11.2012
The Chief Secretaries,
All State Governments/
Union Territory Administrations.
Subject: Need to avoid the use of term “Harijan” in respect of Scheduled Castes ¡n official communications and transactions.
‘I am directed to refer to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) letter No. BC 12025/44/80-SC&BCD.I/IV, dated 10.02.1982, in which all the State Governments / Union Territory Administrations were requested to issue instructions to the authorities who were empowered to issue the Scheduled Castes certificates, not to insert the word ‘Harijan’ in the Scheduled Caste certificates, but to mention only the name of the caste to which the person belongs. Subsequently the Ministry of Welfare (now Social Justice and Empowerment), vide letter No. 12025/14/90-SCD(R.L.Cell), dated 16.08.1990, had again requested the Chief Secretaries of all State Governments/Union Territory Administrations, that for all official transactions, matters, dealings, certificates etc., the Constitutional term, ‘Scheduled Caste’ in English and its appropriate translation in other national languages should alone be used for denoting the persons belonging to the Scheduled Castes included in the Presidential Orders issued under Article 341 of the Constitution. The State Governments / U.T.Administrations were also requested that in the names of departments, which are in overall charge of development/welfare of Scheduled Castes, the term ‘Harijan’ etc. should not be used.
2. The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Social Justice and Empowerment. in its Ninth Report presented to Lok Sabha and laid in Rajya Sahha on l9.08,2010, inter-alia observed as follows:
"…..the circular issued way back in 1982 is very old which has lost its sanctity and purpose leading to its non compliance…. As such, there is widespread use of the word ‘Harijan’ across the country deprecating the status of the underprivileged sections of the society“.
Accordingly, the Committee has recommended that this Ministry issue fresh guidelines, instructions to States/ U.Ts directing them to ensure the non-use of the word “Harijan” not only in caste certificates but also otherwise.
3. All the State Governments/U.T. Administrations are again requested that for all office transactions, matters, dealings, certificates etc.. the Constitutional term. ‘Scheduled Caste’ in English, and its – appropriate translation in other national languages should alone be used for denoting the persons belonging to the Scheduled Castes included in the Orders issued by the President under Article 341 of the Constitution of India.
4. Action taken on the above may kindly be intimated to the undersigned.
Yours faithfully,