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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Imporatant G.Rs. and circulars issued bt GAD &FD in December 2011

Generally the GRs issued by GAD and FD are coman to all state Governemnt employees.I have therefore  decided( as aresolve of new year) to upload the important GRs. and circulars issued by these both departments every month by the 5th of next month.I hope that the viewrs of the blog will welcome this.
     The following important GRs.were issued by Gad and FD ijn the month of December 2011.

1)  Lokshahidin- Appointment of Palak Sachiv----(GAD GR.. dated 8-12-2011)

2) Appointment or promotion to Backward class employees without caste validity certificate
      ( GAD. G.R. dated 12-12-2011)

3) Annual increement to employees on leave without medical certificate (F.D. G.R. dated 26-12-2011)

4) Revision of T.A. and D.A. rates ( F.D. G.R. dated 27-12-2011

5) Revison of  Additional /special pay for holding additiona charge (F.D.G.R. dated 27-12-2011)

    The above mentioned G.Rs. are available on the blog under the heading

" Recent G.Rs and   circulars " Those interested can download & keep them for record.


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