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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Booklet titled "वित्तीय अधिकार नियम पुस्तिका "

The Finanace Department has prepared a booklet titled " वित्तीय अधिकार नियम पुस्तिका १९७९ " and has  published the same in 2009. The said booklet lists out various  powers given to Administrative Departents, Head of the Department, Regional Heads, Head of office under Bombay finanacial rules 1959, Maharashtra Contingent Expenditure Rules 1965, Miscellaneous items of expenditure, Maharashtra Budget manual . Maharashtra Public Works Manual etc. 

The said booklet is very useful and helpful  since it enables  the officers to know what are  the specific powers delegated to them for incurring expenditure on various items of expenditure. The said booklet is available on this blog, in the list under caption of "Recent & Important ".

 All concerned are therefore advised to get  this booklet downloaded  for their office use.

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