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An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propogation nor does truth becomes error because nobody sees it.Truth stands, even if there be no public suppport.It is self sustained.

Mahatma Gandhi

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Amendment to M.C.S.(conduct) Rules 1979

Government of Maharashtra in G.A.D. has issued a notification dated 24 th Feb 2014 amending Rule 3 of M.C.S.(Conduct ) Rules 1979. By the said amendment the following explanation as been added in existing sub- rule (1) of Rule 3,

“Explanation :- A Government servant who habitually fails to perform,the task assigned to him within the time set for the purpose and with the quality of performance expected of him shall be deemed to be lacking in devotion to duty within the meaning of clause (ii) of sub-rule (1).”

Similarly by the said amendment , the following sub Rule(3) has been substituted for the existing sub- rule (3) :

(3) (i) No Government servant shall, in the performance of his official duties, or in the exercise of powers      conferred on him, act otherwise than in his own best judgment to be true and correct except when he is  acting under the direction of his official superior;

(ii) The direction of the official superior shall ordinarily be in writing. Oral direction to subordinates shall be avoided, as far as possible. Where the issue of oral direction becomes unavoidable, the official superior shall confirm it in writing immediately thereafter;

(iii) A Government servant who has received oral direction from his official superior shall seek confirmation of the same in writing as early as possible and in such case, it shall be the duty of the official superior to confirm the direction in writing.”

The above mentioned notification (amendment ) is available on this blog in the list under caption, "RECENT &IMPORTANT". The same can be downloaded, if required.

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