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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Low cost Aakash Tablet- Latest Development

The Minister of Human Resource Development Dr.D.Purandeswari replied in present session of Lok Sabha regarding supply of Low Cost Tablet Aakash to students which was proposed Under the National Mission on Education through Information Communication Technology (NMEICT) scheme, a Low Cost-Access-cum-Computing Device (LCAD) named Aakash was launched on 5th October, 2011.
As per information given by the Minister IIT, Rajsathan which handled this project procured 1,00,000 tablets in the first phase for supply to Higher Technical Education Institutions.
After the launch of this project, feedback were received from the users of these tablets. It revealed the machine needed improvement in the following aspects.
  • heating of the device
  • need for longer battery life
  • need for capacitive instead of resistive touch screen
  • need for better processor etc.
The matter was taken up with the vendor and he agreed to make changes including upgrading the processor from 366 MHz Arm 11 based processor to 700 MHz Arm Cortex A8 processor, improving firmware, replacing the battery of 2100 mAH with a battery of 3200 mAH capacity and replacement of resistive touch screen with capacitive one with no enhancement in cost. As no payment was made by IIT Rajasthan to the vendor, hence, no loss has been incurred to the Government.

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