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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Recovery of excess payment made to Government servants

At times the excess payments of salaries or pension is made to Government servants including pensioners due to inadvertence or otherwise. The question always arises  whether the excess payments made can be recovered or not. 

The issue of recovery of excess payments made to Government servants was considered by the Supreme Court in the case of State of Punjab v/s  Raphiq Masih and deliverd a landmark judgement on 18-12 2014. The Department of personnel and training , Government of India considering the said judgement has issued O.M. dated  2-3 2016 giving detailed guidelines regarding recovery of excess payments made. The Government of Maharashtra has been requested to issue such guidelines early.

The Judgement of the supreme Court and the D.O.P.T.'s  office Memorandum dated 2-3-2016 is available at S.N. 30 and 31 respectively in the list under caption "Recent and Important". Those interested can get them downloaded .

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