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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Roznama or Daily Order Sheet- Importance of

Daily order sheet or Roznama is very important document in the process of conduct of departmental inquiry.It is a running record of all the important events taken place during the course of conduct of inquiry.The court or tribunal may at times ask the disciplinary authorities to produce the same. In the absence of Daily order sheet it is difficult to ascertain whether the proper procedure was followed during the conduct of inquiry. If the daily order sheet is not maintained , in the absence of any other evidence, the court may come to the conclusion that no reasonable opportunity was given to the charge employee and the order of penalty may be set aside.However whenever the dispute arises as to what happened during the inquiry, the statement of the inquiring authority is generally taken as correct as held by the supreme court in the case of Union Of India V/S T.R. Varma ,AIR 1957 Sc 882. The said judgement is available at serial number 35 in the list under the caption Disciplinary Proceedings- Important Judgments.

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