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An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propogation nor does truth becomes error because nobody sees it.Truth stands, even if there be no public suppport.It is self sustained.

Mahatma Gandhi

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Steps for conducting inquiry in case of allegation of Sexual Harassment

There are number of instances where there are allegations of sexual harassment against the Government Servants. In most of the offices Complaints committees have been formed but the experience has been that the Chairmen and  Members of the complaints committee are not conversant with the procedure of conduct of inquiry with the result the orders imposing penalty against the delinquent employees are set aside by the appellate authorities or the Tribunals/Courts. Therefore the Department of Personnel and Training have circulated " Steps for conducting inquiry in case of allegation of Sexual Harassment" under their O.M. dated 16th July 2015. The said O.M. is made available on this blog at Serial No.9 under the caption "Worth Visiting" in the right side bar.

The persons interested may get it downloaded, if required.

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