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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Action to be taken when the decision of High Court is adverse to the State and is not stayed by Hon’ble the Supreme Court of India.

The State Government in Law and judiciary department has issude a circular dated 2 nd April 2014 enumerating  as to what action should be taken by the concerned officers whenever the High Court passes an order averse or against the State Governmnet. The said circular also makes it clear that whenever the Supreme Coutr  ,in the appeal or Special Leave petition filed against the order of the High Court, does no grant the stay, it is incumbent on the part of the concerned officers/ Department  to implemnet the order of the High court and .if the order is not implemented the concerned officers/ Department may face an action  for contempt of court.

The above mentioned circular is very important and it is desirable that all the officers go through the same carefully and ensure that the instructions therein are implemented.

The said circular is available on this blog under the caption " Recent and Important".

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