Thought for Today, 30 th January 2019

An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propogation nor does truth becomes error because nobody sees it.Truth stands, even if there be no public suppport.It is self sustained.

Mahatma Gandhi

Sunday, May 20, 2012


The M.C.S. (pension) Rules 1982 are applicable to emplyees recruited in Government service prior to    1-11-2005.. Similarly they are applicable to 100% aided primary/ secondary/ higher secondary/ junior colleges, teachres training colleges, z.p.emplyees etc., The pension cases of these emplyees after their retirement  are required to be sent to Office of Accountant General Mumbai / Ngpur for final approval. Infact the final pension payment order is issued by the office of Accountantant general.

The Accountant General Mumbai and Nagpur have their website which enables the concerned person to know the status of the case which is sent to A.G.'s office for santion. The links of these website is provided  on this blog under heading ' Important Blogs and links". The conerned persond can visit these websites through the links provided on the blog which will enable them to know the status of any case ( After entering the required details) sent to A.G's office.

The emplyees may take advantage of these sites of Accountant General Mumbai / Nagpur.

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