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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Judgements on topics reg." Disciplinary Proceedings "available on this blog.


 The important  judgements on "Departmental Inquiry "  which I had earlier uploaded on the blog were not accessible earlier because of some technical snag. The technical snag has now been resolved with the help from C.I.T., Yashada and the viewers can view and also download these judgements. I propose to upload many more judgements including the recent ones for the benefit of viewrs.

Shridhar Joshi


  1. Respected sir, thanks for this useful site. I am s.p singh from Maharashtra Sadan, New Delhi. I have some issues on which I want your guidance. (a) What is the time limit for completion of D.E. from the date of suspension. (b) When Subsistence Allowance is not granted for four months and even a amount of Rs.40000/- is adjusted for payment of salary. (s)Can a request for change of Enquiry Officier be denied by the Competent Authority when the Enquiry Officer is from the same office and under the administrative control of same Authority. ..Please also suggest a good advocate in MAT, Mumbai.. With Regards. Yours sincerely.... S.P. Singh Maharashtra Sadan, New Delhi Mob. No. 099-102-78316

  2. a) The time limit is six months but rarely adhered to.
    b)Subsistence allowance has to be granted.
    c)File an application for changing the enquiry officer if you have valid reasons.