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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Whether the Presenting Officer can be a witness , in Departmental Proceedings ?

 Mr. Ranade, Ex tahasildar, Panvel has asked me two questions. 
The first  question is whether the presenting Officer can be a witness ?
The second question is whether  the inquiry proceedings can ba continued and finalized even in the absence of the presenting officer who fails to remain present inspite of notice to him.

The answer to the first  question is Yes.  The inquiry does not get vitiated on the ground that the presenting officer has appeared as witness.However  whenever the presenting officer appears as witness, after his examination in chief, the delinquent employee or his defence assistant should be allowed to cross examine him.

The reply to the second question will be given on the blog in 2-3 days.

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  1. sir,the enquiry officer issued the first notice which was served upon me.I went to the office of the enquiry officer but he was not avialbale and I made the representation for allowing me the defence assistant and the same was given to the PA to enquiry officer with the request that next date of hearing may be fixed after the permission for engaging me the defence assisstant.But unfortunately on the same vary day i was proceeded exparte. No next date of hearing was conveyed to me and the enquiry concluded in my absence.All the witnesses were examined in my absence and no deposition was conyed.
    If it is convenienent to your googself please help me whether it is legal as per ccs email is